TCU stuns G'town as officials can't overturn shot

By ESPN By ESPN   | 3 months ago
TCU stuns G'town as officials can't overturn shot

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Dec 2, 2023, 10:12 PM ET

Emanuel Miller scored 29 points and his desperation 3-point, running bank shot at the buzzer carried TCU past Georgetown 84-83 in a thriller Saturday in a Big East/Big 12 Battle contest in Washington.

But not without some controversy.

Replay showed Miller stepped on the right sideline with his left foot just before releasing the ball. Though officials reviewed the play, because they missed Miller stepping out-of-bounds in real time, by rule they couldn't overturn the shot.

Jayden Epps sank a pair of foul shots with 2.7 seconds left to give Georgetown an 83-81 lead. On the inbounds, TCU's Micah Peavy ran the baseline, and like a quarterback rolling to the right to e... Read Entire Article


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